Perodua Mvyi Car Overview in Malaysia

Perodua Myvi was first manufactured in Malaysia in the year 2005. The car model is based on the Daihatsu Sirion and Toyota Passo. From far distance, the car looks somehow curved. It is pretty and it is admired by many buyers. Many people choose this car because it comes with good features compared other vehicles that are in the same price range with this car model. It also comes with an upgrade version which includes leather seats, custom made floor mats, cooling protection, and also an in-built GPS as well as multimedia system.

What is good about this car?
It is a nice-looking car with spacious interior that is able to accommodate more than four people comfortably. Besides, it is cheap to buy and maintain, its spare parts are obtainable almost all over. Another advantage of this car is that many old parts as well as Daihatsu parts fit the car, for instance, body kit, head lamp and rear lamp. It is simple to adjust and customize.

Perodua Mvyi Car Rentals:
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Toyota and Daihatsu expended billions of money to design a new car and have these cars tested several times before their launch. Myvi made a nice choice by placing a new mark on the two companies. There are many reasons why Perodua was the top selling vehicles in Malaysia for five successive years. In 2011, Perodua unleashed the new Myvi with the tagline “Lagi Best” meaning “Even Better”.