Car Rental In Kota Kinabalu: Car Care Tips

Having a car to drive around is useful, especially when you are on holiday and you have a couple of days to see as much as you can see and do as much as you should be doing. Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful place to visit. This East Malaysian city is a popular tourist destination and hiring a rental car is the most efficient way to see the area, (‘kereta sewa di Kota Kinabalu‘ in local language – official website at It has a resort feel to it with all the islands that surround it the bustling city itself holds much promise.

The public transport is OK but you can only go so far before you get lost. I’m not the kind of tourist why thinks there’s fun to be had in getting lost in a foreign country and although I’ve been told about how safe the Kota Kinabalu is, I trust my sense of direction and the navigation lady on my phone than anything else.

I also find that when you are a foreigner, people find it easy to take advantage of you because you don’t know the language and what the real price of hopping on one of those quaint mopped – rickshaw is. Car hire for me has proven to be safer and cheaper.

Renting a car comes with certain responsibilities. You need to take care of the car like it was your own. Think about it. If you do the regular checks like oil checks you will have fewer incidents where your rental car suddenly breaks down or where you find yourself having to change a tire in the middle of nowhere. Although the friendly locals might land a hand, it’s not a very nice experience anyway. So think about what you have to do on a daily basis when you are heading out (in this case, to parts unknown). There are three things really that you need to do:

1. Clean your windshield

Assuming that your rental company gave you the car in great, clean condition. You are most likely to pick up some dust and a couple of bugs along the way. Clean your windshield. Give your headlight a quick wipe too.

2. Check your tire pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure will keep you from having a blowout. You need tires that aren’t over or under or over inflated. The tire pressure is usually specified on a sticker you’ll probably find somewhere on the inside of the driver’s done. You should make a point of checking it whenever you stop to fill up with fuel. Tire pressure fluctuates as you travel longer and temperature changes, so it might be perfect on day one but on day two of your trip, it will have changed a bit.

3. Check oil level

Motor oil is important to the performance of the car. Your engine needs to be properly lubricated so that it does not run dry. Checking your oil; is really easy. Turn the engine off and wait for a few minutes before unscrewing the dipstick, get a clean paper towel, wipe the oil off put the dipstick back take it out again and note where the oil levels off, most dipsticks have a mark that shows whether you are running low on oil or not.

Listen to strange noises. When in doubt, call the rental company to let them know so that you don’t end up stuck and liable for repairing things you could have easily avoided with a little care. Drive calmly and enjoy your journey through Kota Kinabalu.

Car Rentals in Kota Kinabalu

When you buy a new car, you want to maintain the new car smell for as long as possible. To do this, avoid eating in the car for as long as possible, and if you must eat in the car, get rid of the trash as soon as possible.

If you’re a smoker, please don’t do it in your new car, otherwise the new car smell will go up in smoke. When carrying anything with a strong smell such as sweaty gym clothes, put them in the trunk rather than in the car’s cabin. Always try to keep your car interior clean and you can buy cleaning products that can help to maintain the interiors.

If you get car rental kota kinabalu and notice the engine running smoothly, it simply means that the owner follows basic maintenance routines. For instance, you need to change your oil after every 5,000-7,000 miles and only use reputable brands if you want your car to run like a well-oiled machine. If you notice wear and tear or after every 25,000 miles, you need to replace your brake pads. At least once a year, or after every 12,000 miles, take your car for servicing. If you do this, you can prolong your car’s lifespan and also save some money in the process.

You also need to have the interior and exterior of your car cleaned every month in order to maintain its good appearance. You need to clean and protect your car’s finishes, and this means taking care of paint, plastic, leather and fabric to overcome the harsh elements.

You can protect the interior surfaces by parking your car in shaded areas, using vent visors and window deflectors, and applying UV protection on vinyl and plastic to maintain their glossy look. You also need to apply wax coating to maintain your car’s paintwork.

To prevent overheating, clean the radiator and remove debris using a brush and wash its exterior. You also need to check your battery’s cables and terminals, ensuring that they’re securely attached and that there’s no corrosion.

You also need to check the brake fluid level on a regular basis, especially in hot climates. The cooling system needs to be drained and flushed once in a while but you should only allow a trained technician to do this and then safely dispose of the used antifreeze. The timing belt also needs replacing, and you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Every once in a while, take your car for detailing in order to maintain its paintwork. When you switch on the engine, go easy on your car and give it at least 30 seconds before engaging the gear and then driving off.

This will allow the cold engine to be adequately lubricated by your car’s oil pump. You can also turn off your car’s radio when driving and listen for any odd noises that may be coming from your engine. Practice driving calmly and avoid driving too hard and then hitting the brakes. If you can follow these tips, your car can keep going for a longer time and you will also save some money in the process.

All about car window tinting

You’ve likely come across a terrible tint work some time recently. Maybe the tint was gurgling or scratching off the auto car you saw making it have a less-alluring look.As it is regularly,what you get is what you pay for-and tinting a car window is no special case.Pick instant tints and windscreens in order to give your car a special tint that doesn’t simply look extraordinary,but has an aqua glare and enough security shielding your car interior from UV harm. Our recommended website for such services is

There are DIY tint packs,which ordinarily costs under a $100 and not as much as expert services ,can be purchased on the web,although auto specialists says that car window tinting needs accuracy and expertise. “Many people lay the film down very well on the glass ,however after a period of one year it begins to fall off the glass”says Michael Williamson proprietor of Alexander Automotive in Tucson,Arizona.

Costs of tinting car windows.

There are many corporate organizations which offer professional car window tinting services at quite competitive prices.Normally they charge $25-$50 for every window,with good price cuts for the whole car.It may take two hours to tint a mid -sized car and longer time for bigger vehicles.

A rather fundamental shade for a normal car,utilizing the normal film can cost $99 dollars for the whole vehicle.For higher quality tint,the cost may range between $199-$400 for the whole vehicle depending on various factors.Brian Brown, a proprietor in Charlotte reveals that his costs run from $120 for a little pickup to $380 for average vans .He affirms that costs shifts depending on the particular type of vehicle, the number of windows a car has,whether colored, metalized or earthenware tint is utilized.

Williamson says he provides two sorts of tint — elite, which is a shading colored containing metals and a stable shading without metallic elements ,both provides perfect warmth dismissal, and rarely fades.He regularly charges $150 per auto car for the shaded colored tint and $240 for the shading stable tint, with costs going up somewhat for fair size and substantial SUVs . In the event that you don’t need the whole vehicle tinted, he charges $25 for tinting the strips on rear windows and $60 for 2 visor windows.

Advantages of window tinting.

Window tinting obstructs 99 percent of UV beams and cools off your car by up to 60% or more,which shields you from UV rays and prevents the interior from bleaking or fading.Professional window tinting businesses usually know the rules and state regulations in regards to tint so it is highly recommended that you use the services of expert window tinting companies.

Experts additionally utilize good quality tint and ensure the tint is connected equally with no air pockets or trash. It’s a gifted work that is normally finished with a warmth weapon that shapes the glass film. There’s a possibility somebody with little experience and skill can harm the auto’s paint or scratch the car glass.So the overall benefit of hiring an expert is primarily the warranty and the good quality of installation.


LLumar, Tinted Film That Deserves Premium Quality or not?

Is the heat of the sun, especially when stuck in traffic annoying you? Is the intense heat damaging your leather seats? That could be solved with Window Films.

Window Films are used to prevent further harmful effects from the heat intensity of direct sun light and its damaging UV rays. Aside from the popular effects of the sun to the human skin, it can also cause damages to furniture, interior finishing, fabrics, artworks and floorings. And we all know that these cost you a lot of money, so it needs to be protected from any damages.

It is a tinted film applied to glass windows; windows of your home and buildings are often seen to have films, but its most popular use is in vehicle windows.

There are several brands of windows films, and these brands are already trusted by consumers and are established companies. 3M, Llumar, Sun-gard, Formula one, Huper Optik, and Madico, are one of the most bought and used by vehicle owners.

The lifespan of a window film depends on the weather conditions. Despite this uncontrollable factor, there are few things that you can do to prolong your window film. You can choose what kind of window film you want to install, since there are types of films that can survive circumstances. Like the Hybrid Window Films are designed to last longer than other kinds.

Taking care of the window films are pretty easy, since all you have to do is be careful not to scratch them by your keys or seat belts. Also better to remind your passengers to also be careful when riding your car.

A single scratch will convince you to change your film to a new one, and this will cause you to change all the films on all the windows so it will look the same.

Car tinting can also be used for when you want a little privacy from the other cars or when you are park your car with leaving valuable things inside. While applying window film to your car is not necessary but it’s still recommended.

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Perodua Mvyi Car Overview in Malaysia

Perodua Myvi was first manufactured in Malaysia in the year 2005. The car model is based on the Daihatsu Sirion and Toyota Passo. From far distance, the car looks somehow curved. It is pretty and it is admired by many buyers. Many people choose this car because it comes with good features compared other vehicles that are in the same price range with this car model. It also comes with an upgrade version which includes leather seats, custom made floor mats, cooling protection, and also an in-built GPS as well as multimedia system.

What is good about this car?
It is a nice-looking car with spacious interior that is able to accommodate more than four people comfortably. Besides, it is cheap to buy and maintain, its spare parts are obtainable almost all over. Another advantage of this car is that many old parts as well as Daihatsu parts fit the car, for instance, body kit, head lamp and rear lamp. It is simple to adjust and customize.

Perodua Mvyi Car Rentals:
Why book with Perudoa Mvyi Car Rentals? You can book the car in less than one minute, no booking fees, and no credit cards, appropriate for view or cancel bookings. If you require transportation for your family or friends or if you have no car and just want to move around, Perudoa Mvyi is definitely the appropriate choice for you. Confided by over 2 million customers, Perudoa Mvyi offers the lowest price on rental cars.

Toyota and Daihatsu expended billions of money to design a new car and have these cars tested several times before their launch. Myvi made a nice choice by placing a new mark on the two companies. There are many reasons why Perodua was the top selling vehicles in Malaysia for five successive years. In 2011, Perodua unleashed the new Myvi with the tagline “Lagi Best” meaning “Even Better”.


Do You Need To Break Your Car Engine In?

A lot of people still think that despite recent evolutions in car mechanics and engine design the practice of breaking the engine in is unnecessary but how do you go about doing it. In the past manufacturers had guidelines on how to do it. These days you have to assume that it is not necessary but if you still want to do things the old way.

You might be inclined to take things easier if you are driving a brand new car. You will likely keep the revs down and not drive it like you’ve just borrowed it. If you are old school and a little technical, you will understand the reason behind it. Those who are for breaking in claim that it gives various components of the engine a chance to get used to each other for a few hours. They make it sound like pistons are living things that need to learn how to get along of fit in. This brings in the assumption that parts aren’t made to precisely work, as they need to which in this day and age and the level of precision that goes into making each part, it seems like a weak argument. But if you think about it, things like seal need to reach certain temperatures in order to work properly and if your car has done 0 km (which is unlikely) things haven’t settled yet.

Most new engines need an average of 621,371 miles. During this break-in period, you need to watch your RPMs. If you are driving a Perodua Bezza with a petrol engine then try not to go over 3,500 RPM. Don’t be afraid to use your throttle. The aim of breaking in your car’s engine is to ensure that the piston rings seal tightly against the cylinder bores and to do that you need to provide enough pressure. You will need to change the oil every 100 miles to get rid of the small pieces of metals that might have been shaved off.

To break-in or not to break-in – that question might have been answered in part by manufacturers who usually run engines at the plant before they sell the cars off to avoid warranty problems but if you still feel like you and your car need to get to know each other better then go on, break it in yourself.

How Take Care Of Your Proton Saga

Should you browse around your neighborhood, you may find two or more cars in your neighbor’s garage. You might question, how do they make your new proton saga last long? Taking good care of your proton saga is one of the things that will certainly extend its lifespan and these are the basic steps you can take to achieve this:

Changing Oil

Changing your car’s oil is essential for any car’s machinery system. Although the majority of drivers change their car’s oil every 7,500 kilometers, experts suggest changing every 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers of distance traveled. When you don’t change oil frequently, you can expect your vehicle to break down once in a while.


Have your brake, transmission and power steering fluids checked regularly and ensure you refill as required.

Proper Tire pressure

Your cars need to be inflated up to a given pressure is important. A low inflated tire may make your vehicle operate much slower than the speed it had been made for. It is possible to perform a test if you’re to know if your car’s tire is correctly inflated or not. The very first thing you need to do is draw a line across the wheel using a bit of chalk for the part touching the ground. Let the car roll off, allowing the wheel to spin 2-3 times. If the majority of the chalk has been erased in the center, your tire is over-inflated. However, if the chalk marks to the sides that have thinned, your tire is under-inflated chalk it’s worn off more on the sides then it is under-inflated. Also, if your car is under-inflated, it will use more fuel.

Power Cables and Batteries

Regularly check your car’s batteries and cables. It is important to check your car’s battery as it provides power to your car for honking the horn and turning on your headlights. In case your car runs out of battery while you’re on the highway, this may put you in a problem.


You should regularly check your car’s wiring and specifically look out for peeled wires. These may cause malfunction of your car’s electronic system and could even cause it to stop while you’re on the road. Again, this really is dangerous.

Air Filter

Your filters also need to be changed regularly. Though many individuals change their filters once after replacing oil twice, that is not right. You would change the air filter anytime you are changing your car’s oil.

Cracks in the windows.

Leaving a crack on your window unfixed is not a good practice whatsoever. Regardless how small that crack is, it may always grow larger with time. If you find a crack on any of your car windows, ensure you repair it immediately.

These are quite simple, routine steps for taking care of your vehicle and making it stay in good shape for as long as it can.

Rental Car Common Knowledge and Basic Instructions

If you have a rental car, you might not know important things about the car because you’re new to it. But that shouldn’t be a concern if you follow a few basic rules. For starters, your fuel gauge can tell you the correct side the car’s gas tank is located. The fuel indicator may have a small arrow next to the gas pump icon showing you on which side of the car the gas tank is located.

It’s also important to keep the gas tank full because if you run out of fuel, it can cause severe problems in your car’s fuel line. If your car has a fuel injector and you run out of fuel, rust and small dirt particles on the floor of your gas tank can get sucked past your fuel filter and into the fuel injectors causing some serious problems.

You also need to maintain fluids in your car and it’s not just a matter of changing oils. You may need to change the motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid. You also need to check your car’s battery from time to time and ensure the terminals and cables are properly attached.

It’s also important to clean brake dust on a regular basis. A combination of moisture, heat and road grime can bake this dust onto your wheels and it will be difficult to remove. Your tire pressures need to be checked regularly, at least once per week because bad tire pressures affect handling, comfort and fuel economy. You also need to remember to rotate your tires after every 5,000 miles so that they can wear out evenly.

Something a driver might forget is checking on their car’s hoses because extreme heat can lead to hoses drying out over a period of time and start to leak. If left unattended, you might be left stranded when the hose eventually gives in. Also remember to check your antifreeze levels, especially during extreme cold or hot weather.

10 Facts about Car Service Repair

Some Good Old Regular Car Maintenance Tips

A car has several parts that need to be maintained properly. These are few things you must be aware of before renting car from any car rental services.

The failure of maintaining any of the parts could mean that you cannot drive it for a long time nor can you sell it at a good price. there the following should be considered:

1. Fluids

The coolant,. windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid and other fluids need to be checked regularly. They should be clean, topped up and checked for leakages after a minimum of one week

2. Tires

Tires should be maintained for a healthy car. This can be done by:

  • Inflating them to the required pressure as specified per the manufacturer
  • Checking the wheel alignment
  • Rotating the tires regularly to prevent them from becoming noisy

3. Brakes and battery

The braking system should be examined by removing all the wheels. Worn out linings and badly scored rotors should be replaced.

The battery terminals and cables should be securely attached and not corroded. In warmer climates the fluid level should be checked regularly if the caps are removable.

4. Oil

Oil is very essential in a car, Therefore, oil changes should be done regularly ( old and contaminated oil) to prevent engine wears. The oil level also should be topped up if it runs low. the changes should be done at least weekly.

5. Washing and waxing

Cars must be protected from any rust. The car needs to be washed and waxed regularly to ensure the car maintains its color.

6. Other maintenance tips include:

Keeping the interior of the car free from moisture and dust to make it stay smell free, checking belts regularly for wear and tension, driving the car smoothly, checking the efficiency of headlights, taillights, reverse lights, brake lights and turn signals.

There are other signs of problems that should also be considered. Such as: Unusual smell and noise when driving.

Hiring Car on Rent for Malaysia trip in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is one of the hottest tourist destinations, and thus welcome thousands of tourists every year. With so many adventurous places, scenic beauty, and cultural element, this place has everything for every mood of the person. However, the question is, how to enjoy the boundless beauty of this mesmeric place in merely 4-5 days of vacations.

Most of the tourists prefer to hire car on rent or book bus ticket online to travel to different places conveniently without any worry. Both the options are feasible but when it comes to choosing one between the two, then some sort of confusion comes. Let us clear that confusion and see which one is the most convenient, feasible, & economical option. To understand this, we will look at both the options on few parameters, which are:

Convenience: Talking upon the parameters of convenience we can give both equal weightage. At first, both the mode of transport can be easily booked online from any where at any time; and secondly to board the bus from nearby destination as well as take a ride on the car to reach the destination is easy.

In Malaysia, if you want to book a bus from KL to Penang, for instance, then you can easily get it from nearby bus station in Kuala Lumpur at different options on boarding time. On the other hand, if we talk about boarding bus, then that too is easy, as you just need to make booking and you’ll get the car at your desired destination to take you to the tourist spots.

Comfort: Let us take the comparison on the aspects of comfort. On one hand, where it is easy to get into the car and have a comfortable journey; on the other, it is also easy to make long journeys in bus with sufficient leg space, adjustable seats, proper arrangements for entertainment, and many others.

Safety: Now this is one of the crucial aspects. If you are aware of Malaysian drive rules and roads of Malaysia, then hiring car is a better option. But in case, if you are not much aware of these, then it is better to book bus online.

Now suppose you have to visit Sunway Lagoon. Now, if you are not much aware of the roads, then taking the car might either take much time to reach there or can even make you messed up with the roads. However, if you take bus to Sunway Lagoon from your desired location, you reach there without much fuss.

Budget Friendly: On one hand, where hiring car can be bit expensive, on the contrary you can get comparatively cheaper deals with booking bus online tickets. And yes, you do not have to worry about luxury factor, as you can also book ticket online for express bus in Kota Kinabalu.

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