Car Rental In Kota Kinabalu: Car Care Tips

Having a car to drive around is useful, especially when you are on holiday and you have a couple of days to see as much as you can see and do as much as you should be doing. Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful place to visit. This East Malaysian city is a popular tourist destination and hiring a rental car is the most efficient way to see the area, (‘kereta sewa di Kota Kinabalu‘ in local language – official website at It has a resort feel to it with all the islands that surround it the bustling city itself holds much promise.

The public transport is OK but you can only go so far before you get lost. I’m not the kind of tourist why thinks there’s fun to be had in getting lost in a foreign country and although I’ve been told about how safe the Kota Kinabalu is, I trust my sense of direction and the navigation lady on my phone than anything else.

I also find that when you are a foreigner, people find it easy to take advantage of you because you don’t know the language and what the real price of hopping on one of those quaint mopped – rickshaw is. Car hire for me has proven to be safer and cheaper.

Renting a car comes with certain responsibilities. You need to take care of the car like it was your own. Think about it. If you do the regular checks like oil checks you will have fewer incidents where your rental car suddenly breaks down or where you find yourself having to change a tire in the middle of nowhere. Although the friendly locals might land a hand, it’s not a very nice experience anyway. So think about what you have to do on a daily basis when you are heading out (in this case, to parts unknown). There are three things really that you need to do:

1. Clean your windshield

Assuming that your rental company gave you the car in great, clean condition. You are most likely to pick up some dust and a couple of bugs along the way. Clean your windshield. Give your headlight a quick wipe too.

2. Check your tire pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure will keep you from having a blowout. You need tires that aren’t over or under or over inflated. The tire pressure is usually specified on a sticker you’ll probably find somewhere on the inside of the driver’s done. You should make a point of checking it whenever you stop to fill up with fuel. Tire pressure fluctuates as you travel longer and temperature changes, so it might be perfect on day one but on day two of your trip, it will have changed a bit.

3. Check oil level

Motor oil is important to the performance of the car. Your engine needs to be properly lubricated so that it does not run dry. Checking your oil; is really easy. Turn the engine off and wait for a few minutes before unscrewing the dipstick, get a clean paper towel, wipe the oil off put the dipstick back take it out again and note where the oil levels off, most dipsticks have a mark that shows whether you are running low on oil or not.

Listen to strange noises. When in doubt, call the rental company to let them know so that you don’t end up stuck and liable for repairing things you could have easily avoided with a little care. Drive calmly and enjoy your journey through Kota Kinabalu.