Some Good Old Regular Car Maintenance Tips

A car has several parts that need to be maintained properly. These are few things you must be aware of before renting car from any car rental services.

The failure of maintaining any of the parts could mean that you cannot drive it for a long time nor can you sell it at a good price. there the following should be considered:

1. Fluids

The coolant,. windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid and other fluids need to be checked regularly. They should be clean, topped up and checked for leakages after a minimum of one week

2. Tires

Tires should be maintained for a healthy car. This can be done by:

  • Inflating them to the required pressure as specified per the manufacturer
  • Checking the wheel alignment
  • Rotating the tires regularly to prevent them from becoming noisy

3. Brakes and battery

The braking system should be examined by removing all the wheels. Worn out linings and badly scored rotors should be replaced.

The battery terminals and cables should be securely attached and not corroded. In warmer climates the fluid level should be checked regularly if the caps are removable.

4. Oil

Oil is very essential in a car, Therefore, oil changes should be done regularly ( old and contaminated oil) to prevent engine wears. The oil level also should be topped up if it runs low. the changes should be done at least weekly.

5. Washing and waxing

Cars must be protected from any rust. The car needs to be washed and waxed regularly to ensure the car maintains its color.

6. Other maintenance tips include:

Keeping the interior of the car free from moisture and dust to make it stay smell free, checking belts regularly for wear and tension, driving the car smoothly, checking the efficiency of headlights, taillights, reverse lights, brake lights and turn signals.

There are other signs of problems that should also be considered. Such as: Unusual smell and noise when driving.