Do You Need To Break Your Car Engine In?

A lot of people still think that despite recent evolutions in car mechanics and engine design the practice of breaking the engine in is unnecessary but how do you go about doing it. In the past manufacturers had guidelines on how to do it. These days you have to assume that it is not necessary but if you still want to do things the old way.

You might be inclined to take things easier if you are driving a brand new car. You will likely keep the revs down and not drive it like you’ve just borrowed it. If you are old school and a little technical, you will understand the reason behind it. Those who are for breaking in claim that it gives various components of the engine a chance to get used to each other for a few hours. They make it sound like pistons are living things that need to learn how to get along of fit in. This brings in the assumption that parts aren’t made to precisely work, as they need to which in this day and age and the level of precision that goes into making each part, it seems like a weak argument. But if you think about it, things like seal need to reach certain temperatures in order to work properly and if your car has done 0 km (which is unlikely) things haven’t settled yet.

Most new engines need an average of 621,371 miles. During this break-in period, you need to watch your RPMs. If you are driving a Perodua Bezza with a petrol engine then try not to go over 3,500 RPM. Don’t be afraid to use your throttle. The aim of breaking in your car’s engine is to ensure that the piston rings seal tightly against the cylinder bores and to do that you need to provide enough pressure. You will need to change the oil every 100 miles to get rid of the small pieces of metals that might have been shaved off.

To break-in or not to break-in – that question might have been answered in part by manufacturers who usually run engines at the plant before they sell the cars off to avoid warranty problems but if you still feel like you and your car need to get to know each other better then go on, break it in yourself.